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Team and Organization Online Apparel Store

Team/Organization Online Stores

Does your team, organization, or business need apparel? But you're tired of going through the hassle of organizing sizes, collecting money, and then having to individually organize everyone's order? Well look no further! At Chase Marketing we have the ability to set up you or your organization with your own individual online apparel store. Each store can have up to 20 different apparel garment options and 3 different logos. All design help and consultation is free! Its as easy as you sending out the link and letting us take care of the rest. We will  individually organize, bag, and label each order with the persons name on it. Orders take three weeks to print after the store has closed. You will receive a detailed invoice and accounting report, as well as a spreadsheet with everyone's name and what they ordered. All orders within 35 miles will receive free delivery.  

Request a Store

Send an email to and briefly describe what the store is for. You can expect an email back within the hour and your online store to be ready within a couple days!